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1. Computer Associates' EZ Antivirus Premium Virus protection at half the price! With eTrust EZ Anitvirus, you will know you are using the best! Also check out these helpful products: Pest Patrol, EZ Armor, Internet Security Suite, EZ Firewall, AntiSpam, DesktopDNA, and PC MACLAN.
2. PappaPC Professional Virus & Spyware Removal Use the same virus and spyware removal methods as professional computer techs and IT systems administrators. No retail software you can buy will work as well. The Pro methods uses only free and trial software.
3. MicroAntiVirus MicroAntiVirus is the world?s most trusted antivirus solution. It protects email, instant messages, and other files by automatically removing viruses. New built-in features also detect threats such as Spyware. Protect your PC 24 hours a day with award-winning MicroAntiVirus. Now $20 OFF!
4. Emergency Response sale $19.99! Just set and forget! Single click features cleans your PC immediately. Emergency Response runs conveniently in the background automatically removing the latest Virus threats. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
5. McAfee Internet Security SuiteBuy now and save 20% on the top selling antivirus and internet security software. Feel free to e-mail, IM, share pictures, bank, and shop online knowing your PC, documents, and personal information are safe from Internet threats. Best of all, automatic updates ensure you always have the latest protection. #1 for a good reason. It works!
6. Panda Antivirus & Security Software Protection against viruses, Spyware, hackers, spam, and other internet threats. Has your computer ever been infected with a virus or Spyware? According to the 2005 joint CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, viruses, unauthorized access, and theft of proprietary information topped the list of reported financial losses.
7. Trend Micro PC-cillin Protect Your PC from viruses, hackers, spam and more. View infection reports in real time, as they occur in each geographic region. - FREE virus scanner: Detects new virus on your computer for FREE. Buy PC-cillin with Easy Installation & Support.
8. AntiVir Antivirus It does work pretty good for free software. If you have no protection on your PC, AntiVir is better than using nothing at all.
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1. NoAdWare! Don't let people invade your privacy and slow down your PC! Try NoAdWare for free and see for yourself if your PC is infected!
2. XoftSpy The Latest in Anti-Spyware & Adware Technology. For Removing Spyware, Adware and loads of other Computer Parasites, XoftSpy is Simply the Best! Find out right now Exactly Who is INVADING your Online Privacy! Free download.
3. PAL Spyware Remover It is very likely your computer is infected. Get a free scan of your PC to see which SpyWare or Adware agents are installed on your computer and watching you RIGHT NOW!
4. AlertSpy 90% chance Your PC is Infected. Protect your Privacy, Stop Identity Theft, Popup Ads and Privacy Invasion! Scan your PC's Processes, Memory and System Registry for hidden and dormant Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Dialers, worms and other forms of Malware! Try AlertSpy for FREE!
5. My Net Protector The most trusted and used anti-spyware software on the market today. Scan your system now using our award winning software absolutely FREE of charge!
6. Spyware Hound No matter how careful your surfing habits are, you are at risk of being infected with spyware, malware and adware. Your anti-virus software can't help, but we can.
7. eBlocs Free Spyware Scanner SYMPTOMS: Your browser homepage has been changed. Excessive pop-up ads. New toolbars in your browser. PC is slow and applications do not start quickly. Slow internet access speed. Frequent PC crashes. Scan now!
8. SPY Ferret Microsoft� estimates spyware is responsible for half of all PC crashes. In some cases, it makes a computer unusable. The FTC has described Spyware as "the biggest threat on the Internet today". SpyFerret detects and safely removes over 32,000 Spyware, Adware & Trojan Components. Continuous updates enable you to always be protected. Free Scan!
9. SpyBot Search & Destroy Make sure to also download the Detection Rules. Even though the scanning is kinda slow, it does do a good job. Make sure to get the real SpyBot. There are some scams out there.
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Error Nuker Registry Scan FREE PC Diagnostics tool! Identify the precise problems in your Windows registry so you can determine exactly what your PC is suffering from. Even if your PC is perfectly fine, you should try the diagnostics tool if you want to avoid serious problems before they happen. Best of all you can keep the tool and find out if your PC has problems for FREE as often as you like.

XP Repair Pro You can safely clean, repair and optimize your Windows PC with a few simple mouse clicks! Why pay a computer technician hundreds of dollars when you can do it yourself?
PC Speed Tweeks Double The Speed Of Your PC! Hardware Optimization - These Methods Will Boost your PC in seconds! Software Optimization - Instantly Improve the reliability and efficiency of your software. Compatible with ALL versions of Windows!
Hard Drive Mechanic Recover data, repair your hard drive and fix your computer! Repairs: Corrupted Partition, Damaged FAT, Boot Sector not Found, Invalid Drive Specification, Disk Boot Failure, & Crashes. For Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, XP and 2000 FAT32 and NTFS.
PAL Emergency Response PAL Emergency Response is an Anti-virus program that works separate from any other program on your PC and will remove all the latest computer threats. Completely wipes out all the latest viruses from your PC. Automatic updates. Improves your system performance by removing previously undetected Viruses.
PC Booster If you are like most PC users, you may feel that your PC is slow or unstable. You can't run many applications or your PC will slowdown. Or you have to reboot frequently due to crashes or application freezes. Optimize Your PC Automatically in 2 Minutes! Increase Your PC Speed, Stabilize Your PC, and Prevent most PC crashes!
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A Trojan horse program is a malicious program that pretends to be a benign application; a Trojan horse program purposefully does something the user does not expect. There are computer viruses written for several operating systems including DOS, Windows, more than 57,000 viruses, Trojans, and other malicious software. Worms are parasitic computer programs that replicate, but unlike viruses, do not infect other computer program files. Worms can create copies on the same computer, or can send the copies to other computers via a network. Cheap & free Anti-Virus and spyware removal software free scan & download dirt cheap discount low price free Anti-Virus and spyware removal software free scan & download Trojans are not viruses since they do not replicate, but Trojan horse programs can be just as destructive. Many people use the term to refer only to non-replicating malicious programs, thus making a distinction between Trojans and viruses. PappaPC Home based business biz virus removal remove spyware computer A computer program file capable of attaching to disks or other files and replicating itself repeatedly, typically without user knowledge or permission. Some viruses attach to files so when the infected file executes, the virus also executes. Other viruses sit in a computer's memory and infect files as the computer opens, modifies or creates the files. clean, protection Some viruses display symptoms, and some viruses damage files and computer systems, but neither symptoms nor damage is essential in the definition of a virus; a non-damaging virus is still a virus. Last Updated: November 8, 2005 Cheap & free Anti-Virus and spyware removal software free scan & download dirt cheap discount low price free Anti-Virus and spyware removal software free scan & download Buy Gold Panning Equipment Mining Claims Sluice Box Used Toyota Camry Tacoma Corolla 4Runner Tundra KeenValue.C Win32.Mydoom IstBar.W Agent.AE Adware.Gator.A VBS.Plan.B Win32.Evaman Winupdt.A Mydoom.V@mm Adware.180Solutions Backdoor.Agent.AY Backdoor.SDBot.gen W32/Sasser.worm.b KeenValue.A Worm.SomeFool Cash Advance Payday Loans Legal Credit Repair Help 75 Wholesale Shopping Bargains Chicago Mortgage Refinacing Best Law Enforcement Pistol Glock Springfield Walther Low cost tires Snow ATV Lawn Mower Truck SUV

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